• Drafting/Reviewing of contracts
    • We draft every kind of commercial contracts like Master Agreements, Service Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Purchase and Sale Agreements, Third Party Agreements etc. as per the requirement.
  • Reviewing contracts on the basis of templates
    • We also review contracts or draft contracts which are solely based on templates. We also assess the changes made by the parties to the contract and make changes or highlight them which matches with our Client’s template form.
  • Contract Management
    • We not only draft/review contracts, but we also manage a portfolio of all the contracts so that it becomes easy to track down previously reviewed contracts, to grab old contracts for further review and to keep track of all its stages from drafting till signing of the contract along with everynegotiation.
  • Giving more clarity to the contract and making changes to the clauses which balances the requirements of all parties
    • This is one of the most important work which requires utmost attention of an experienced Lawyer. We draft/review/modify the clauses and negotiate with the Client in such a way which satisfies the requirements of all parties to the contract. Negotiation with correct framework and with utmost lucidity is very important to finalize a contract and we understand this need very clearly.
  • Rendering legal opinion on contracts
    • There are many commercial contracts where we provide legal opinion for interpretation of legalese in matters related to: - Termination, Breach, Renewal, initiating Litigation, Liability and Indemnification etc.
  • Drafting of legal pleadings based on templates
    • As it becomes expensive and time consuming for many lawyers to draft basic pleadings, our Services also include drafting of legal pleadings which are based on templates.
  • Preparing summaries and brief of cases
    • To have an absolute understanding in any matter is very vital whether it relates to any legal case or finalizing a contract. We also prepare brief of cases or prepare summary of long cases by reading all the documents and important clauses so that our Client reads only what is important to the matter which saves lots of time.
  • Preparing general legal/formal letters/mails
    • Communication is a key to any commercial relationship. Using correct words in proper format while communicating is crucial while finalizing commercial deals. We help our Clients grow in their business by preparing legal or formal letters/mails or we engage ourselves in legal correspondences on behalf of our Client so that our Clients are at ease during entire negotiation and correspondence process and where their requirements are taken care by us.
  • Any paralegal service
    • We provide every paralegal service where our Clients require quick and affordable assistance.
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